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We offer 6,000 square feet in our main building and 5,000 square feet of shop space in our dedicated paint building (an eco-friendly facility featuring more than a quarter-million dollars in top-of-the-line equipment). From start to finish, each repair we complete is done with expert precision and state of the art equipment with the goal of restoring your car to its pre-accident condition.

The beginning of every repair job starts with an estimate. We have all our estimates done by trained professionals who use the CCC computerized estimating system to figure out exactly what needs to be fixed on the car and the parts that need to be ordered. We then see the damage done to the suspension and alignment of the car. We have a Wheel Force alignment system for suspension diagnostics to make sure your car is aligned properly.

To bring the car back to its original shape before the damage we use three programs, first our top of the line Chief frame machine with the Chief universal measuring system. This is the machine that will begin the process of accurately straightening the damaged frame of the car. To ensure the process puts the car in optimum driving condition we use our laser mate 3-D measuring system and our Allvis computerized frame measuring to ensure that the car will be returned to its original factory specifications.

For more extensive frame damage we have our new Celette dedicated fixture frame repair bench. It uses dedicated fixtures like the ones pictured to align the frame of your car to it’s original factory specifications. The Celette is also used for aluminum frame repair. Shown is a BMW 5 series (the E-60) being repaired in a dedicated clean room for aluminum repair. We are one of only a few shops in the region certified to repair the E-60. To prevent the cross-contamination of steel and aluminum which leads to corrosion we use separate specified tools and a designated clean room for all aluminum body repair.

Once the car has been fully repaired, we send the car to our dedicated paint shop with our CMC prep stations and paint booths. We us our premium ICI Nexa water based paint, which is state of the art green technology. We match the color with our computerized paint matching system to mix the perfect color match for any car.

We then spray the paint in our top of the line CMC down draft paint booth. The down draft design ensures clean air so that no dust particles come in contact with the wet paint. The booth is also heated to bake the paint onto the car surface for a lasting finish. We loved our CMC booth so much that we have been in the business of selling them for the last 18 years!



Please call OUR MERRIAM FACILITY at 913.262.9109, or CLICK HERE  to fill out the form on our home page.

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