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The one I want back.


!962 Ferrari Pinin Farina cabriolet we sold in 1987 for $37.000. Today’s value about $750.000.


Alfa Giulietta restored by Steve Butler in Mid 80’s

A customer came by with photos of an Alfa we restored 30+ years ago.  Notice Steve Butlers reflection in the door.

Daddy-daughter project

Check out this article that was done by the Kansas City Star about Marisa Butler’s MGA!


1928 Woody finished and heading to Florida

1928 Woody finished and heading to Florida

1928 Woody

We love car’s still, and judging by my posts it looks like we work on only vintage or unusual cars.  That is not the case, some of the oldrer cars get posted more because they have seniority.!  Here is Tim and Janet Wiglesworth’s 28 Ford Woody.Image

Joe Egle’s 1967 Morris Minor

joe Egle's 1967 Morris Minor

joe Egle’s 1967 Morris Minor

Joe Egle and his daughter Carolyn.

Joe Egle and his daughter Carolyn.

Joe,Thanks for letting work on this. Congratulations on refinding it after selling it new in 1967!


Bill Menezies finished 356 Porsche

Bill Menezies finished 356 Porsche

Happy belated birthday Bill. Thanks for letting us be a part of keeping this wonderful car on the road!


Bill Menezies 1965 356 Porsche

Bill Menezies 1965 356 Porsche

Here is a project we started on a year ago.


We love our customers cars!

We love our customers cars!

Mr Kolb’s Tesla is a beauty. We will do a little front bumper repair and it will be prefect.


Our 15 minutes of fame.

Snow and ice lead can lead to big problems!